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Trend Micro

Trend-MicroEPIC partners with Trend Micro to protect your information from cyber attacks. Whether your data is stored in your office or in the cloud, we can help keep it safe from threats.

Our mobile, social and collaborative lifestyles have transformed the way we use technology at home, at work, and everywhere in between. We want – and need – to secure our devices, personal information, and business data; to keep our indormation safe online, and our employees productive; to take advantage of all that new technologies can offer us, while minimizing the risk.

Founded in 1988 in the United States and headquartered in Japan, Trend Micro is an international leader in security. Since 1988, Trend Micro has pioneered innovative technologies and security services that protect users against threats that target new and emerging platforms and devices. Each beneficial shift in the way people communicate and conduct business online has introduced new security challenges. Trend Micro has been there from the start, being the first to extend threat protection from the desktop to the server and to the Internet gateway. Now as mobility, virtualization, and cloud computing are enabling people to share digital information more easily, more quickly, and more affordably, Trend Micro continues to innovate with mobile device management, mobile app  reputation technology, data encryption, advanced threat detection and protection, and optimized security for virtualization and cloud environments.

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Three trends driving change in the landscape require a dedicated security focus to:

  • secure all end-user activity, regardless of device;
  • secure cloud and virtual data centers; and
  • enable advanced cyber security against targeted attacks. Only Trend Micro has the strategy, technology, and customer insight to deliver smart, simple, security that fits your needs.

Security Services

Epic monitors your infrastructure against intrusion and advises on best practices to protect your valuable information.



Your assets and information are the core of your business. Epic’s security expertise can keep your infrastructure trustworthy and accessible.


Audit & Advisory

EPIC conducts regular audits and reviews to provide you with information that aids in risk management, decision-making and more.


Network Security

Your data’s security is crucial to your business. Epic offers a comprehensive offering of security services to keep your business and your information safe.