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Winnipeg, MB, R3C 2B7

Professional Services

pix-professional-servicesEpic employs a contingent of experienced IT industry consultants. We offer expertise in areas such as networking, security, application delivery and storage. Epic can be engaged to provide consulting, architecture and implementation services to help you achieve your goals.


Epic has a significant amount of Networking experience and knowledge. Whether you are architecting a new network or managing an existing one, Epic can help.



Epic is well versed in wireless solutions for your business needs. We have helped many Manitoba organizations deploy wireless networks for connectivity, density and performance, and are responsible for many of the largest successful wireless deployments in the province.



Epic can help alleviate mobile security concerns with Mobile Device Management and Endpoint Security.



Virtualization offers the ability for companies to address many concerns with their infrastructure. It prevents the infrastructure sprawl and allows IT departments to focus their maintenance budget.



Storage is an essential component of all IT infrastructure. For most companies, being able to plan, provision and manage storage is very difficult without the thorough knowledge of their infrastructure and taking advantage today’s emerging technologies.



Epic employs a variety of collaboration services to enhance your productivity and efficiency.


Business Continuity and DR

Epic can assist you in building redundancy, high availability, backup and replication into your IT Infrastructure to protect your business against downtime and system failures.


Performance Monitoring

Epic maintains a NOC that monitors all customer devices and applications in our managed services practice. Epic can easily provide use of our NOC to manage your applications in real-time through Epic’s Unified Cloud.


Microsoft Windows Server

With our breadth and depth of expertise, Epic can attend to all of your Microsoft needs.