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Maintenance Services

Not only do we ensure that your infrastructure is current and safe, but we also make sure it stays that way. Identification of potential issues and pro-active maintenance will result in less system downtime and more stable access to network services, significantly increasing the productivity of your organization.

Epic Maintenance Services Features Include:
Computer Inventory Management Complete inventories to ease administration of licenses and life cycle.
Online Case Management All activities are logged and online access is available to monitor for potential inefficiencies and priorities.
Online License Management Epic manages all license renewals
Microsoft Patch Management Epic vets and manages software patches.
Desktop Optimization and Maintenance Key performance metrics are used to optimize performance.
New Desktop Deployment All new hardware is delivered pre-configured to your environment.
Printer Management Network protocols are established for all printers.
Ongoing Application Maintenance (non–project) Where applicable, Epic maintains customer applications.
Scheduled Onsite Tech Visit (up to 4 hrs.) Epic techs are on-site weekly to perform maintenance. A minimum of four hours is recommended; however, any activity beyond that time is included in the monthly price.
To find out how Epic’s Maintenance Services can help your organization, call or email us today!