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Our development team can help tame information overload and help you reclaim hours lost to manual repetitive tasks, endless reports and queries, and costly ‘workarounds’ that stand in the way of efficiency.

We have a diverse skill set and have worked with clients in many different industries. Epic can also take care of all your hosting needs allowing a single point of contact for all changes that need to be made.


Application Development

Epic specializes in creating Web Applications to meet client needs. Proficiencies with Microsoft MVC, SQL and the Bootstrap framework allow applications to be developed efficiently and deployed for most platforms and browsers.

We are able to integrate these custom applications with many existing software packages. This can be a large time saver as well as eliminate user error in the data entry process.

We can also develop and deploy Windows Desktop Applications.

Apps for Office

To increase productivity, we are able to create add-ons for many of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Some examples of functionality we can create:

  • Import company or contact info from a CRM system into Microsoft Outlook
  • Import rows from Excel into an ERP system
  • Import requirements from an online database into a Word Document


Having easy access to your organization’s data is critical. Epic can combine your data from almost any source and create useful reports. Depending on your requirements, we can create reports and/or dashboards in a variety of ways:

  • SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS)
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • HTML

Database Migration

When moving from one business system to another, transferring existing data is a key process. Our team can take care of your data migration needs. We will build a migration plan based on your requirements and implement it in a timely fashion with minimal down time.

Database Optimization

Slow databases can greatly reduce the efficiency of integral business applications. Epic can analyze and address these performance issues. Whether you need to design a new database or optimize current systems, our team will ensure that your applications are running efficiently.

Website Development

A company’s website can range in function as follows:

  • An online business card
  • A product and services showcase
  • An online shop
  • A social community
  • A blog

We can build sites from the ground up to meet these requirements.  We use proven platforms such as WordPress, and follow industry accepted best practices. Beyond the look and feel of the website, we make sure your site is usable and secure.

Application Maintenance

If you have a custom application that isn’t working correctly or needs extra features, we can help. We have experience in many languages and frameworks. Contact us with your requirements.