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Voice and UC Solutions

Our Unified Cloud VoIP service offers businesses a fully redundant, secure, end-to-end voice system that provides the same capabilities Large Enterprise Organizations enjoy for a low monthly fee.

Unified Cloud VoIP Features
Gaining the advanced telephony features of simultaneous ring, call forwarding and remote location calling allows you to conduct business as usual, everywhere.
No expensive PBX to purchase or maintain. Our Unified Cloud PBX solutions require   minimal upfront capital, allowing you to invest elsewhere in your organization.
The Unified Cloud VoIP is a single-source provider for all your voice and data needs. You can reach our friendly, knowledgeable, Canada-based customer service representatives by dialing just one number.
Make nationwide calls by dialing inter-office extensions, while skipping the long-distance charges. This allows your team to talk and collaborate at no charge.


Unified Communications

Unified Communication is now available to all companies-not just large enterprise organizations. The Epic Unified Cloud Hosted UC solution gives businesses all of the power and productivity of Unified Communications, without the expense, overhead and risk of managing a premises-based UC system.

Epic brings together proven software applications to offer “UC as a Service in the cloud”. This means businesses can buy UC on an as-needed basis, similar to other proven SaaS models.

Unified Communication Customer Benefits
Increased Productivity Employee productivity is dramatically boosted when all communications tools are integrated across different “touch points.” we can unify all call control, instant messaging and presence capabilities through our UC solution.
Ease of Implementation Small business to Large and Enterprise Businesses can focus on their core business, rather than spending time, money and resources to manage complex communications infrastructure.
Improved Communications  Employees have improved visibility with their colleagues and can choose the communication method that’s best for them. Your presence status will auto-set to “On the Phone” when you make and receive calls.
Increased Collaboration Employees can single-click to share documents, collaborate in real time and share workgroups and worksites, while integrating this with voice and video calling.
Single Point of Communications In the joint solution, end-users get all their messages, voice, video, mail and fax, easily organized in their Microsoft Outlook inbox. No more multiple mailboxes for your office phone and mobile.


Unified Cloud

To find out how Epic’s Voice and UC Solutions can help your organization, call or email us today!