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Microsoft Exchange 2013

In the everyday business environment, Microsoft Exchange is the business standard for MicrosoftExchange_Logo.ashxcorporate email and organization. An increasing amount of information is sent electronically, and the need to maintain large backups and records is becoming increasingly important in today’s workplace.

The Epic Unified Cloud Exchange Solution is a painless, reliable and highly scalable solution for corporate email systems.

Based on a monthly user subscription model, our Unified Cloud Exchange offers enhanced productivity, no overhead, and a great deal of flexibility without the need to invest in a full-scale email server and software package.

Benefits of Microsoft Exchange
Additional email aliases Advanced spam filtering included with every mailbox
Webmail access to calendars, tasks and contacts Shared calendars, contacts, tasks, public folders and many other features designed to enhance productivity
High mailbox capacities to handle large amounts of mail and multiple attachments BlackBerry Support is completely integrated without purchasing new hardware or additional licensing

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