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Colocation Services

Epic offers a wide range of data centre Server Colocation options and services, including shared and dedicated cabinets. Server Colocation is the perfect solution if you already own or want to own your own servers and your e-business demands the ultimate in reliability and security.
SP-2-2-ColocationThe Unified Cloud colocation space scales to your needs. You can begin with a 1U single Server Colocation (Unit of rack space) and get up to 8U’s at a “per-U” fee.

The Unified Cloud rack offerings can also be scaled to meet your business requirements. From quarter-racks to half-racks or complete 42U full-racks, we can meet almost any colocation requirement. And once you’ve selected a colocation solution, we can also assist with any additional requirements, including customizing your electrical.

To find out how Epic Colocation Services can help your organization, call or email us today!